Taoiseach tells French summit that Ireland aims to become exporter of energy

Emmanuel Macron and Taoiseach Micheál Martin

Ireland’s aim is to become an energy exporter but it remains vulnerable currently because of its dependence on imported fossil fuels, Taoiseach Micheál Martin has declared.

Speaking at a French summit of 40 world leaders, Mr Martin said Ireland’s “way out” of dependence on foreign supplies will rely on offshore wind, especially “floating” turbines, green hydrogen and greater storage.

“So we see the sea is offering us solutions to deal with the wider challenge of course of climate change itself. What is critical as well is that we do all of this in partnership with our coastal communities and with our fishers.”

The State must work with fishermen to ensure that they can “co-habitate” with offshore wind, and that sustainable fisheries are built in partnership with Atlantic and European Union partners.

World leaders gathered in the city of Brest for the One Ocean Summit – billed as the first of its type – to discuss maritime issues, decarbonising shipping and reducing plastic pollution.

Speaking during a session with French president Emmanuel Macron, Mr Martin said that Ireland wanted to move to a stage where the country was exporting energy but was currently vulnerable because of a reliance on imported fossil fuels.

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