Connecting Communities

A new renewable energy project, the MaresConnect Interconnector will provide infrastructure to connect the energy markets of Ireland and Great Britain and support the transition to a renewable energy future for our communities

Our Objective

The European energy market faces many challenges linked to aging infrastructure, a rapidly changing generation mix and political pressure to arrest climate change. Meeting these challenges requires a significant shift towards renewable energy supported by an improved transmission network capable of distributing energy from source to demand centres while ensuring security of supply.

MaresConnect’s objective is to be a part of this transformation through an increase of 750MW of cross border transmission capacity between the networks of Ireland and Great Britain to provide an efficient exchange of intermittent green energy. MaresConnect will reduce curtailment of surplus wind power by providing a stepping-stone to neighbouring markets and stimulate the development of offshore wind farms in the west of Ireland and the Irish Sea.

Mares Connect Interconnect

Project Benefits

The economic benefits of the MaresConnect interconnector will include increasing competitiveness in contiguous energy markets, by offering import and export trade between Ireland and Great Britain. According to demand, which changes depending on the time of day, season, weather conditions, and availability of renewable energy, MaresConnect will be able to either import or export electricity. This opens up commercial opportunities for energy producers and reducing costs for consumers.

SECURITY - Reinforce security of energy supply
Net Zero - Integration of green energy across the Irish Sea
Equivalent energy to power 570,000 homes
SAVINGS - Reduction in wholesale energy prices
Long-term jobs in construction and operations
550 Million Euro capital investment for Ireland and Wales

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